You probably want to know more about me. Well, besides everything is or will be covered in the blog posts, here are some trivia you might find interesting if this is the first time you're here. I was born and raised in Hungary. In 2009 I lived six months in Paris, then I moved to Iceland from there. I have lived here ever since. If you asked what my profession is, I couldn't answer you properly. I always thought about myself as a designer, but I'm not a designer in a traditional way. I studied arts for many years, and I was involved in many areas (graphic design, jewelry, typography), but because of my analytical personality I'm also a thinker and problem solver. If you know the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, you know what INTJ means. That's me in a nutshell. If you don't, just Google it please, but don't be afraid to come back after you found out, if I may say. I might seem cold from the outside, but I'm far from that.

I'm in a long-term, ever-growing relationship with Peter. Though we can fight a lot over unimportant things, in the main points we usually agree, and we also try to help each-other in finding our better selves. We have two kids, a boy and a girl, both with strong characters and continuous riddles for us to solve. We love them to bits, even though they drive us crazy from time to time, but I guess I have just described every parents' feelings.

Fun fact: I have synaesthesia. Numbers have colours in my head, and sometimes I mix colours and numbers while speaking of them. I know...

I love reading books, I love writing (surprise), I believe that daily exercise is indispensable (even if it only means a two-hour walk with kids), I'm a chocolate chip cookie addict, I love typography, I adore the smell of coffee (it smells like home), and I love sleeping

That's me. Nice to have you here.