present/perfectly – the "target" method

I'm an introverted person, with all the pros and cons of it. Throughout the years I had to find a way to deliver my messages through presentations without talking too much, and without sweating (if you are an introvert, you know what I'm talking about). Our world is all about talking and noise. The constant buzz tires me, even if I live in a relatively quiet country. I'm not fond of loud things, and I find it amusing to sit by the ocean and listen to the waves – for hours. So you could ask how on earth a person like me is able to stand in front of many people and present her ideas. It's still not easy. But it's better and better every time, especially because I've developed a good technique over the years, and I'm constantly burnishing it.

I'm also a designer. Not in an axiomatic sense of the word though. I love designing "shiny" graphics for sure, but I also enjoy designing a process. I see things in their wholeness, while I'm well aware of the details. I love juggling with these two things. It makes me feel alive. And feeling alive gives me stregth, that helps me overcome my general fear of...

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