be 80% perfectionist

Here's this blog I've started a long time ago, and it only had the first entry for months. I had a good idea, but then it faded into an urging "back-thought" in my brain, from where it popped up from time to time, but never made its way out totally again. I had more important things to do for sure (giving birth and raising two kids are quite important, for me at least), but I could have done a tiny bit more. The reason I didn't, called: perfectionism. I know many of you let out a silent hiss now, because you know what I'm talking about; but for the rest, let me tell you a few things about perfectionism. While you would think about it as a strength, a positive attitude at a first glimpse that does the opposite of what I just mentioned, it's not exactly what it looks like and it is not exactly the best state to be in. Sure, it has it's advantages if you do it right. But when you are 120% perfectionist, you become paralysed when you realize there's no chance to finish something perfectly, and it stops you from even starting it.

The title is an oxymoron, and I wrote it for a reason. I used to think...

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