no words today

There are days when life happens, and I can't sit down to write early in the morning. On these days I try to catch up in the evening, only to find myself sitting in front of my notes with glazed eyes, trying to finish any of my drafts without success. This is a day like that. Normally I would just go to bed without a written word, but I took this challenge for a reason. I committed to show up every day, even if I can't add anything special to the main subject, because these are the moments when I realize how precious sleeping and creating things with a fresh mind are. (Well, sleeping is already precious enough, I don't really need reminders for that).

So no fancy words today, just a note to self, that could be an inspiration for you as well: pocketcup. OK, I can never resist this, sorry. (Do you know The Mighty Boosh? No? You should check it out). So the note to self: go to bed in time, wake up early, create before consuming. My brain stops working when I'm overtired, and I'm unable to think clearly.

How about you? Are you an effective night owl, or an even more effective morning person?