the prime challenge


My main goal with this blog is to share what I know and what I’m learning: mainly about presentation design, and the relation between personality types and presentation design (with introverts in the highlight). I know that I have to challenge myself to write as often as possible, so I also start a project today.

I will write a blog post almost every day in the next 29 weeks, which means that until 17th of January next year you will read at least 173 posts, articles, notes from me. By the end you will hopefully become a presentation design expert, I will hopefully become a better writer, and also learn a few things. If you’d like to follow my project, read my blog, subscribe to my newsletter and follow #PresentPerfectly in social media.

I love prime numbers and I wanted to create my own challenge. If you’d like to join me with your own project, and make the most out of it in the next few months, please do, and let me know about it. Let’s show up every day together, and create quality content. Make the internet a better place, and teach valuable things to each other.

Forget New Year’s resolution, and enjoy the fruit of your hard work on New Year’s eve, when everyone else is just about to start a new journey.

Start yours now.