When I decided to take on this self-initiated challenge, I didn't take one thing into consideration, and I also made a mistake. The one thing was the summer holiday. During this period everything goes upside-down in our life, and the schedule is less than ideal for such a tight commitment. It then resulted in a small amount of frustration on my side, because I also forgot to apply one of my main rules: to be only 80% perfectionist. This happens when your inner self is a perfectionist by nature. I still have to practice lowering the bar just a little bit, so I can jump over it most of the time. I already managed to stop being scared of trying: and that's step one. And because of this accomplishment I have to be proud of myself.

With all of this is my mind I'm changing the "rules" of my challenge. In this short period I had a chance to see how it works, and now I'm ready to adjust. My perfectionist brain would call it a failure. My 80% percent perfectionist brain calls it an accomplishment. And that little difference makes me moving forward. I won't aim for one blog post a day, because I've learnt that this is something even experienced people (with no kids) are struggling with. One article a week with valuable content will be just as good, and if I manage to do more: be it, I'll be even happier. I also move my weekly email delivery time from Sunday to Wednesday. When Sunday sounded like a good deal in the beginning, it turned out, that I'm quite busy on the weekends. Even if I write the email ahead, the pressure of posting it in time is contaminating my feelings towards Sundays. And that's not what I want. Weekends are for my family, and I'm going to respect that time, no matter what. So, Wednesday Weekly it is from now.

The way it changes the challenge only appears in numbers, but it will result in better quality overall. That's a good deal. I always wanted this place to be invaluable. In the upcoming weeks I'll work on some posts that are direct answers to your questions you've sent me by now, along with the detailed TARGET method articles. I'm thrilled to solve real problems, and that's why your questions are always welcome.